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The best way to experience the unique atmosphere at Noor Al Diyar is to come and visit us.

Noor Al Diyar is a purpose built school. The state-of-the-art facilities, Early Years provision as well as the beautifully attractive classrooms, make it very popular with parents. Our school has a strong and positive ethos which nurtures children to reach their potential in a safe and happy environment.
The best way to experience the unique atmosphere at Noor Al Diyar is to come and visit us. School tours are available via appointments. Book now to arrange a visit to our campus in Diyar and experince what makes us different.
Registration is open for Kindergarten to Grade 9. Application is available to collect from the school office. You can also apply online by clicking the apply link below. For more information contact the admission team on +77507777 or send an email request to

Here at Noor Al Diyar Private School, we pride ourselves on being part of a family of schools with a rich history of over 30 years, known for academic excellence. As the newest member of the Al Noor family we stand on the shoulders of great innovators in education and endeavour to leave our mark on all who pass through our doors.

Students at our school will be taught all about what it means to become a member of the Al Noor family, united by strength of character, lasting friendships and the desire to be of good influence.

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On: 24-Sep, 2022
World Peace Day
On: 22-Sep, 2022
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On: 21-Sep, 2022
Personal Hygiene Day
On: 18-Sep, 2022
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Recent Google Reviews

Mohammed Al-Dosari
Mohammed Al-Dosari
23. June, 2022.
مدرسة ممتازه
Azeema Ibrahim Soli Jinwala
Azeema Ibrahim Soli Jinwala
26. February, 2022.
From the time I have accepted the job, till this date I have been treated with kindness and hospitality. From taking care of my accommodation, to checking in to make sure I was comfortable in my new role, there are no words to describe how thankful I am to be a part of this organisation. I can honestly say that Noor al Diyar takes care of even the simplest of details when it comes to their staff and are always helpful when there are concerns being raised. The school has a clear and shared focus. The focus is on achieving a shared vision, and the school supports us in achieving it. There is high levels of collaboration and communication. I am glad to part of Noor al Diyar Private School.
Shaima Thani
Shaima Thani
8. December, 2021.
regarding what is said by Cassiday Rangata-Jacobs I am really surprised how a teacher (educator) stated such misleading and incorrect information. Honestly, the school management is highly collaborative and transparent and they transfer the updates to parents and I am comfortable and happy because I chose Noor Al Diyar school for my kids; There are a lot of advantages: 1- Collaborative school management, starting from the principal Mr. Hasan 2- Positive, supportive, friendly, happy, caring environment 3- Open door policy. We have seen continuous improvement, and the school manage very well during the hard times of covid 19. The majority of our children attended the school with excellent measures taken while the majority of other schools teaching on line only. I find it very strange and weird accusations. As I read your story, it seems that you are from the beginning you are not liking the school, because as teacher you have a great message to deliver to students and society which is to be model in truthfulness and honesty besides delivering knowledge in interesting ways to students.