News & Events

They say heroes come in all shapes and sizes. The whole school took part in the My Hero event, whereby students dressed as their hero and got to speak about their reasons for their choices. Developing speaking and language skills have never been so much fun. 
On: 22-Feb, 2023
Sports Day
Well done to everyone who took part in our Sports Day! Congratulations to all the winners too! It was lovely to see everyone cheering each other on and embracing healthy competition.
On: 13-Feb, 2023
Robotics Competition
Well done to our dedicated students and teachers who gave up their time to compete in last week’s robotics competition at Water Garden City. It looked well worth it!
On: 01-Feb, 2023
Beach Cleanup Drive
Keeping the world healthy and beautiful is all our responsibility. A lesson our students are learning early by helping to keep the beaches of Bahrain clean. The message is clear! Thank you for not littering. Their future depends on it.
On: 29-Jan, 2023
Grade1 Activities
Learning all about habitats today was certainly fun for Grade 1! Just look how engaged they all are!
On: 22-Jan, 2023
Preliminary round of Speech Competition
One of the most famous speeches of all time started with, “I have a dream”. Well in this week’s preliminary rounds of Noor Al Diyar’s speech competition, our students proved that, they too are skilled speech writers. Well done to everyone who participated and enhanced their public speaking sk...
On: 11-Jan, 2023
National Day Celebration
On: 15-Dec, 2022
 Awareness Campaign
An awareness programme was conducted for our students On the Perils of Drug Use by Mr. Ahmed Rushden from the Ministry of Interior.
On: 23-Nov, 2022
Healthy Day
A Healthy body means a healthy mind! Well done to all our students in spreading such an important message.
On: 17-Nov, 2022