KG2 Graduation Ceremony

On: 13-Jun, 2024
KG2 Graduation Ceremony

Noor Al Diyar celebrated its annual KG2 Graduation Ceremony. In attendance were, the respected Director, Madame Sameera Ali Hasan; members of the Board; and members of the Parents’ Council who had come to share such a lovely occasion.

After the welcome speeches in Arabic and English, students were treated to a unique video presentation of the students’ academic, sporting and various activities, throughout the year. This was followed by a musical performance from the KG2 orchestra, and an award giving ceremony. After an enthusiastic round of applause, honoured guests were invited to assemble with graduates for a memorable group photo.

Certainly, all of the graduates clearly enjoyed sharing this poignant moment, and, indeed, significant event – with all of the proud Noor Al Diyar community.