Reflective Learning

Regular homework is set to encourage children to apply their learning in a different context and environment or prepare for learning that may take place. This fosters agency over their own learning and deepens their understanding of the concepts taught in class.

For younger students, they will be given homework that encourages parental engagement in their child’s education. This will provide the opportunity for parents and their children to spend valuable time together and enjoy the same feeling we get as teachers, when a student’s eyes widen as the penny drops and you know they have learnt something new.

As students become more independent, they will be given homework that allows them to learn the responsibility of time management and the organisational skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

One of the things our teachers remark on all the time is the joy of seeing a student’s smile when presenting a piece of homework to the class that they have produced themselves and that includes the application of what has been taught in the class.