Learning Strategies

Student centered approach of learning

The school’s strategy is to adopt a Student centered approach to learning that includes differentiation so the students’ needs and abilities are addressed. All students who have the potential, ability and talent are at the heart of our vision.

Through teaching strategies such as collaborative learning, project and assignments, simulation, role-play, gaming, quizzes, laboratory and workshops, debate, field trips, discussion, open distance learning and others are the type of strategies that are considered at the heart of our strategy for teaching and learning.

We promote the Characteristics of Effective Learning (Playing and Exploring, Active Learning and Creative and Critical Thinking) by providing all students with a range of rich and meaningful first-hand experiences which will run alongside and through exciting and challenging themes that introduce students to the key concept of learning in context. Our themes, whilst structured as they are in KG2 to Grade 8, will be based on the everyday experiences that our students understand.

Our students are given opportunities to engage in “direct” learning experiences both indoors and outdoors and we encourage them to access materials independently and to have pride in their work, make sensible choices about their learning, as well as having high expectations of themselves and others.

Enhanced Learning

Reflective Learning

Skills Building