Character Curriculum

We at Noor Al Diyar Private School do not only concentrate on knowledge based curriculums, but also on shaping our students’ personality with a strong value based foundation. This in turn, can further develop students into all round individuals, hence creating a better community.

We believe shaping personality is an essential role of educators, especially in their early years. Therefore, Values Programmes are implemented by incorporating activities for all students at all educational levels into lessons. Our students walk step by step towards discovering different values by adopting various methodologies such as: storytelling, briefing a book, attending workshops, and participating in school competitions.

Our teachers give students leadership roles in group activities to make them learn the value of being responsible. Furthermore, they teach them the value of compassion by organizing fund raising activities at school, and exposes them to various cultures by conducting international day activities which will teach them the value of respect.

The Main objectives of implementing School Values Programmes, are:

  • To develop students’ personality and ability to tackle different situations with ease.
  • Build a value based school culture.
  • To engage with young people in enhancing community values.
  • Highlighting teachers’ role in shaping students’ personality.