We agree with Pablo Picasso, who once said,All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.

Our students are encouraged throughout their stay with us to utilise their artistic nature to improve in many areas. At first to develop their fine motor and language skills and then to enable more complex inventive skills to evolve, requiring students to take risks and make decisions.


Fostering healthy competition and a mind-set for making healthy life choices is essential to be able to face the challenges that comes after leaving school. Our PE department has developed a robust curriculum that teaches students how to work together as a team while training them in good leadership qualities.

Our large open facilities provide excellent opportunities for students to harness the skills in a range of sports, both indoor and outdoor, and regular competitions are held to inspire and motivate all our students to compete in a fun and supportive environment.


At Noor Al Diyar Private School, our excellent music facilities consist of:

  • an instrumental room, where students learn to play a variety of musical instruments
  • a piano room with over a dozen keyboards, guitars and violins where students can practise their skills
  • and a music theory room to study to the art of music

Furthermore, our multi-purpose hall, enables our students to take part in musical performances, graduation ceremonies and experience the atmosphere of the theatre.


School trips are one of the most memorable moments a child can have and going on adventures to the museum, theatre or a cultural heritage sites can have a lasting impact on a child. On these adventures, our students get to learn in unique and rich environments and exposes them to a world outside their classroom.

On these trips, students get to learn by touch, sight and sound providing them with an abundance of tangible learning experiences. These learning experiences are driven by student interest benefiting them academically while increasing their empathy and tolerance of others too.


Our aim is to be highly active members within the local community of Diyar Al Muharraq, mirroring its residents’ values and traditions in our actions and in our teachings. The school is at the heart of every community and it is our duty to produce socially responsible citizens while maintaining excellent relationships with the local and wider community.