Kindergarten Curriculum

In our KG, teachers facilitate high quality learning experiences through carefully planned and structured, enquiry based learning which prepares pupils to become ready for more formal learning opportunities that will be phased in through KG2.

Early English Skills

At Noor Al Diyar we firmly believe that a curriculum with a foundation of talk before writing will be essential to unlock attainment for our pupils and accelerate their progress given their starting points. A focus on literacy, and in particular language development, will place our pupils in the best possible position to gain full access to the broader curriculum from an early age. This focus on oral language continues across KG2 and Grade 1 with a focus on speaking and listening across the curriculum using a range of strategies.

Early Mathematics Skills

The way children learn about numbers and develop mathematics understanding is vitally important and sets them on a path towards confidence in later life. in KG1, children will, ‘play with math’ concepts to help them make the abstract become concrete.

Our teaching is highly practical and interactive to help inspire a love of mathematics from an early age. Children have many opportunities to build mathematics understanding through exploration, problem solving, discussion and practical experiences including manipulatives to make rich connections between different ideas in mathematics and the broader curriculum. there will be many opportunities to apply mathematics knowledge in real life contexts and to other curriculum areas such as science.