We use a range of lines of communications which enable you to stay up-to-date with what’s going on. These include:

  • Weekly Grade Newsletters
    Published each week and includes the relevant information on what learning experiences your child has been involved in each week and what learning will take place, the following week.
  • Email via Office 365 (Outlook)
    Providing access to every teacher involved in your child’s education along with all the Primary Leadership Team.
  • Microsoft Teams
    Our online platform includes a message board for every class for any important notices. This is a fast and easy way to communicate with the whole teaching staff and we pride ourselves on our quick response time to any parent enquiry. To get notifications instantly, you can download Teams on your devices.
  • SMS Texts
    This service is utilised as a broad communication tool, that allows important information to be sent to all our parents, such as, ‘The Principal’s Circular.