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Arabic Calligraphy
The pen is mightier than the sword!!! This week, some Grade 4-9 students were visited by the Talent Centre (MOE) to begin a handwriting workshop throughout the rest of Ramadan. These talented students will certainly enjoy mastering the pen in this exciting opportunity.
On: 21-Apr, 2022
Noor Al Diyar Private School celebrated Gregoran today. Another special day we have enjoyed sharing with you and all of Bahrain. Ramadan Kareem to you all.
On: 17-Apr, 2022
Library day
Our librarian had a lovely visit from Grade 1C today. They clearly enjoyed reading some of the 7000 books we have available and with the love of reading they displayed today, they'll probably get through all of them in no time!
On: 14-Apr, 2022
KG1 Field Trip
This week, our KG1 students experienced their first ever field trip. We think the fish were very happy to see them!
On: 31-Mar, 2022
Term 2 Exam – 
With our end of term exams in full swing, students demonstrate their dedication and resilience. Good luck to all of you!
On: 24-Mar, 2022
Mothers Day –
A special message of thanks goes out to all the mothers here at Noor Al Diyar Private School.
On: 21-Mar, 2022
Success Through Football
Grade 8 and 9 students learnt all about being successful in life through football.
On: 13-Mar, 2022
KG2-Grade 8 Spelling Bee
With 90 competitors achieving outstanding results in their weekly spelling tests, there was fierce competition in this week's Spelling Bee.
On: 10-Mar, 2022
Noor Al Diyar’s Got Talent

There were lots of nerves and butterflies in stomachs today but when the students were on stage you would not have believed it!

You could see each student's confidence grow as they took part and they looked very proud as they displayed the...

On: 24-Feb, 2022