News & Events

Scout Team Grand Opening
The grand opening of Noor Al Diyar's first scout club saw members explain its purpose around the school and local community to our respected Director, Madam Sameera Ali and Principal, Mr. Hasan Saleh Sulaibeekh.
On: 22-May, 2022
KG1 Learning Together
Check out our KG1 students developing their social skills by playing with one another. It's a whole class of friends!
On: 18-May, 2022
Scout Team Update
Preparations for the Girl Scouts are in full swing ahead of some exciting events planned for the final term of the year! Stay tuned to find out more.
On: 16-May, 2022
Global Sustainability Project
This week, students across the school learnt how important sustainability is in maintaining a healthy planet by participating in our Global Sustainability Project. Take a look at all their hard work!
On: 13-May, 2022
KG2 School Trip
Check out what we did today on our KG2 trip. A trip we will never forget!
On: 12-May, 2022
Student Led Learning
Grade 4 enjoyed student led activities in their PE class today. Learning from each other is fun and can be a meaningful experience with these enthusiastic young teachers leading the way.
On: 09-May, 2022
Grade 7-9 Guest Speaker
Grades 7-9 had a visit from Mr. Wadah Alappsi, an academic consultant from the Ministry of Education to give a lecture on maintaining healthy friendships.
On: 01-May, 2022
KG1 Charity Bake Sale
Thank you students, thank you parents and thank you teachers! Our KG1 bake sale today was very busy raising money for charity and with lots of support from everyone here at school, it was a big success. Stay tuned to find out how much money was raised!
On: 28-Apr, 2022
Formation of the First Noor Al Diyar Scout Teams
Preparations are well underway for Noor Al Diyar’s first ever Scout group. These students will be the pillars of social responsibility around the school that set an excellent example for others to follow. Stay tuned to find out what’s next in store for these young but passionate group of students.
On: 26-Apr, 2022