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Sports Day
Noor Al Diyar Private School hosted the much-awaited Sports Day with great ardor and zeal. The joy and efforts showcased by the students during the preparation of the event were highlighted and elaborated upon. The importance of sports and extra-curricular activities in the lives of students as they embark on their ...
On: 27-Jan, 2024
Bahrain’s National Day Celebration
Today we celebrated Bahrain’s National Day in an admirably decorated courtyard. Red and white flags were waved enthusiastically as the respected audience enjoyed a range of fun activities and diverse cultural presentations. Initially, the well-rehearsed scout group formed a fitting and disciplined parade as the Bahr...
On: 12-Dec, 2023
End of term party
Smiles galore at the Kindergarten end of term party! Our young students celebrated in style with dancing, dressing up, and plenty of bubbles blown! Certainly a very enjoyable time had by all!
On: 07-Dec, 2023
A very reverent and most special ceremony was held today. Beautiful and eloquent recitations from the Holy Qur’an by our dedicated students were received warmly by the esteemed and appreciative audience.
On: 23-Nov, 2023
Book Fair
A marvelous selection of books were splendidly displayed at the recent Book Fair. Our avid student readers clearly enjoyed participating in this highly educational and opportunistic literary event!
On: 19-Nov, 2023
Orphan Day
On Monday, generous Grades 3, 4 and 5 kindly and enthusiastically donated books, toys, games and Pokemon cards, for the rest of the School to buy – in order to raise money and support the Al Sanabel Orphan Care Society. The considerable amount raised should certainly help this much beloved and cherished charit...
On: 15-Nov, 2023
Teddy Bear’s Picnic
Early Years enjoyed an extremely fun Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Each student enthusiastically participated, and, indeed relished their delicious snacks and games – with their accompanying teddy bears!
On: 11-Nov, 2023
G8 & G7 Educational Visit – Al Ayam Newspaper
Grade 7&8 enjoyed an extremely interesting and educational trip to the Al Ayam Newspaper in Manama. Students were able to experience the excitement of the fascinating Al Ayam’s editing and publication process – including an informative lecture and accompanied tour around the various stages of the printing ...
On: 09-Nov, 2023
Kindergarten Field Trip – Pottery Factory
Every child is a born artist. Our KG students demonstrated this sentiment on their visit to the pottery factory. We enjoyed every second! 
On: 05-Nov, 2023